Jim and I are so pleased with our painting. It arrived last Friday while I was at work. Jim hung it when it arrived and when I walked into our great room it made the room shine! It fits perfectly! We are so glad we had a chance to meet you. The painting is even more special having met the artist and knowing what you were thinking and experiencing when you painted it! I am sure we will buy another Anna Good painting when we return to Maui.

Vicky, Oregon

Dear Anna, I want you to know that my painting arrived safely and it is just fabulous!!! It made me feel like crying it is just so amazing. It looks just perfect in my dining room. The colors look wonderful in the room and if you had painted it sitting in my dining room the colors could not have been better. It is truly the focal point!!
As I told you before your paintings make me feel like getting right in them and checking out what is around the next corner. This one makes me feel as peaceful and as content as if I really were walking in a wonderful garden of flowers at peace in my own thoughts. What a gift you have.
I just can’t find the words to express my feelings about how much I love the painting; I really can’t find the words. I wish I could. I just hope that as you somehow knew just what I would love and you painted it, I hope you will somehow know how much I will always treasure your work.


Dear Anna,
Your painting arrived today, in perfect condition and a day ahead of schedule. It’s now the evening and the painting already graces a long-empty wall of our family room. Janie and I opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate.
With many things a couple acquires over the years, there’s one who likes a piece, the other loves it. Sometimes, one tires of it. With “Lively”, we BOTH love it! Running into your exhibition last Wednesday was a bit of serendipity that was the perfect cap to the end to a memorable vacation. In the years to come, I’m sure we’ll look on your painting not only as a treasured item, but as a remembrance of a very special time for us.

Jane and Clyde, California

I know that Susie dropped you a note thanking you, but I wanted to tell you how genuinely excited Susie is to have this painting from you. We went all over the Big Island and Oahu looking for additional art and NOTHING compared to your work!
She has changed her mind at least three times trying to decide where its final resting place will be. Once in place I will send you a picture “showing off” your work.

Rick, Missouri